Goodbye Covid, Hello Conventions!

Hi Ghosties! 

Fun fact, we got to share our first hug in a year and a half this past weekend! Zoom calls were ok and all but sharing a pizza, and actually spending time together was much better. 

That being said, we hope to see our local ghosts at upcoming shows. Our first show of 2021 will be Monstermania Convention in Cherry Hill NJ August 13-15 so if you're planning to come be sure to come say hi to us! We'll have a ton of brand new merch- plus some fan favorites like wrapping paper and MUGS! You can check out their guest list at 

We have a lot of stuff in store so sorry to vague post- but you can look forward to a lot of new goodies from us this year including a license this Christmas we are VERY excited about. We won't punish you and make you wait too long- we promise.

Stay healthy and spooky! 


Ghost Girl Greetings