Kicking off Convention Season

Ah, March. The promise of warmer days ahead minus the lousy "Smarch" weather. 

We're feeling great here at Ghost Girls because we are kicking off convention season this month in New Jersey. You can find us at Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill and NJ Horror Con in Atlantic City! We have a blast at cons and are both longtime attendees of the convention circuit. Last year we got to meet some amazing folks at NJ horror con and sat across from some major Friday the 13th alumni. Ari Lehman the awesome first Jason (and all around nice guy) sported our card at his table. Some of the biggest highlights though were Harry Manfredini himself, (music composer for the original Friday the 13th) who LOVED our Jason card so much he bought the entire stock we had on hand! We had the pleasure of meeting and giving a card to the Queen of camp herself Elvira. We've also had the pleasure of giving our cards to Jack Dylan Grazer of the IT fame.. and just recently had Mike Flanagan maker of nightmare fuel such as The Haunting of Hill House and Geralds Game post us on his social media.  (Yes, we're still not over it! queue the "We're not worth ala Waynes World)

Who will we meet this month? We'll have to see (and promise to share all the awesome pictures we can) 

If you attend a convention or event you would love to see us do please contact us at

Until next time, keep it spooky!  


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